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Licenses for Excise Tax Compliance

State License Name
AK MF Qualified Dealer
AK MF Tax Deferral
AL Aviation Fuel Purchaser
AL Blender
AL Distributor
AL Exempt Entity
AL Exporter
AL Importer
AL Inspection Fee Permit
AL Jefferson County Permit
AL Lubricating Oil Permit
AL Supplier
AL Terminal Operator
AL Transporter
AR Compressed Natural Gas
AR Diesel First Receiver
AR Diesel Importer
AR Gasoline First Receiver
AR Gasoline Importer
AR Liquid Petroleum Gas
AR Natural Gas Fuel
AZ Restricted Distributor
AZ Supplier
AZ Vendor Branch
AZ Vendor Branch – Light Class
AZ Vendor Branch – Use Class
CA Aircraft Jet Fuel Dealer
CA Diesel-Exempt Bus
CA Diesel-Government Entity
CA Diesel-Interstate Carrier
CA Diesel-Supplier
CA Diesel-Ultimate Vendor
CA Fuel – Flat Rate Commercial
CA Fuel – Flat Rate Private Vehicle
CA IFTA Interstate Carrier
CA Petroleum Common Carrier
CA Petroleum Industrial User
CA Petroleum Supplier
CA Petroleum Terminal Operator
CA Petroleum Train Operator
CA Underground Storage Tank
CA Use Fuel – Exempt Bus
CA Use Fuel Tax – Arbitrary Account Numbers
CA Use Fuel User
CA Use Fuel Vendor
CA Vendor Use Fuel Tax – Arbitrary Account Numbers
CO Blender
CO Carrier
CO Distributor
CO Exporter
CO Importer
CO Supplier
CO Terminal Operator
CT Aviation Fuel Dealer
CT Heating Fuels Distributor
CT Marine Fuel Dock Owner/Operator
CT Motor Vehicle Fuels Distributor
CT Motor Vehicle Fuels Exporter
CT Registered Natural Gas Supplier
CT Special Fuels Distributor
CT Tax Paid Motor Vehicle Fuels Distributor
DE Aviation Jet Fuel Exempt
DE Aviation Jet Fuel Supplier
DE Common Carrier
DE Full Service Stations Providing Assistance to Mobility Impaired Motorists
DE Full/Self Stations Providing Assistance to Mobility Impaired Motorists
DE Marina Selling Gasoline
DE Motor Fuel Distributor
DE Motor Fuel Exempt
DE Motor Fuel Retail Dealer
DE Self Service Stations with Call Devices per House Bill 83
DE Special Fuel Dealer
DE Special Fuel Supplier
DE Special Fuel User
FED Secure Airport Terminal
FL Blender
FL Carrier
FL Common Carrier
FL Exporter
FL Importer
FL Local Government User of Diesel Fuel
FL Mass Transit System
FL Retailer of Natural Gas
FL Terminal Operator
FL Terminal Supplier
FL Wholesaler
GA AL – Aviation Gasoline Reseller or User
GA DR – Fuel Oils (Clear & Dyed)
GA GR – Gasoline Reseller/User/Importer/or Exporter
GA LP – LPG Reseller/User/Importer/or Exporter
GA NB – Non-bonded LPG & Fuel Oils Reseller
GA SF – Special Fuel Reseller
GA UE – All Motor Fuels Exporter
GA UP – CNG User
HI Distributor
IA Biodiesel Plant
IA Blender
IA CNG Consolidated
IA CNG Dealer
IA Eligible Purchaser
IA Eligible Purchaser End User
IA Ethanol Plant
IA Exporter
IA Importer
IA IRS Terminal
IA LPG Consolidated
IA LPG Dealer
IA Marketer
IA Restrictive Supplier
IA Supplier
IA Transportation
IA Transportation Facility
ID *N/A (No State imposed adherence required)
IL Alternative Fuels
IL Blender
IL Cook County Diesel Distributor
IL Cook County Gasoline Distributor
IL Distributor
IL Receiver
IL Supplier
IN Aviation Fuel Dealer
IN Aviation Fuel Tax
IN Dyed Fuel User
IN Eligible Purchaser
IN Exporter
IN Fuel Blender
IN Gasohol Blender
IN Gasoline Distributor
IN Gasoline Use Tax
IN Importer
IN Marina Fuel Dealer
IN Oil Inspection Distributor
IN Permissive Supplier
IN Petroleum Severance
IN Supplier
IN Terminal Operator
IN Transporter
KS MF Importer/Exporter
KS Motor Fuel Distributor
KY Gasoline Dealer
KY Motor Fuels Transporter
KY Special Fuel Dealer
KY Terminal Operator
LA Aviation Fuel Dealer
LA Blender
LA Distributor
LA Exporter
LA Importer
LA Interstate Motor Fuel User
LA MF Delivery Certificate
LA Motor Fuel Transporter
LA Permissive Supplier
LA Supplier
LA Terminal Operator
MA Aircraft (Jet)
MA Aircraft (Jet)
MA Gasoline Distributor
MA Gasoline Exporter
MA Gasoline Importer
MA Marine Terminal Operator
MA Special Fuel Supplier
MA Special Fuel User-Seller
MD Aviation
MD Class 3 SF Exemption (All Special Fuels)
MD Class 5 SF Exemption (Sulfur Fuels and Propane)
MD Class 7 SF Exemption (Kerosene/Propane only)
MD Class 8 SF Exemption (Jet Fuel)
MD Class A Gasoline Dealer
MD Class B Gasoline Dealer
MD Class C Gasoline Dealer
MD Class D Gasoline Dealer
MD Class G Gasoline Dealer
MD Class W Gasoline Dealer
MD Oil Transfer License
MD Special Fuel Seller
MD Special Fuel User
ME Gas Distributor
ME Special Fuel Supplier
MI Alternative Fuel – Commercial User
MI Alternative Fuel – Dealer
MI Aviation Fuel Registrant
MI Blender
MI Carrier
MI Exporter
MI Importer
MI Retail Marine Diesel
MI Supplier
MI Terminal Operator
MI Transporter – Motor Fuel
MN Petroleum Distributor
MN Petroleum Special Fuel Dealer
MO Distributor
MO Eligible Purchaser
MO Permissive Supplier
MO Supplier
MO Terminal Operator
MO Transporter
MS Gasoline Tax
MS Special Fuel
MT Gasoline/Special Fuel Distributor
NC Alternative Fuel Provider
NC Biodiesel Provider
NC Blender
NC Bonded Importer
NC Bulk End-User of Alternative Fuel
NC Distributor
NC Dyed Diesel Distributor
NC Elective Supplier
NC Exporter
NC Fuel Alcohol Provider
NC In-State Supplier
NC Kerosene Distributor
NC Kerosene Supplier
NC Occasional Importer
NC Permissive Supplier
NC Refiner
NC Retailer of Alternative Fuel
NC Tank Wagon Importer
NC Terminal Operator
NC Transporter
ND Aviation Fuel
ND Liquefied Petroleum Gas
ND Motor Vehicle Fuel
ND Special Fuel
NE Carrier
NE Compressed Fuels Retailer
NE Distributor (Aircraft)
NE Distributor (Biodiesel)
NE Distributor (Diesel)
NE Distributor (Ethanol)
NE Distributor (Gas)
NE Exporter (Aircraft)
NE Exporter (Biodiesel)
NE Exporter (Diesel)
NE Exporter (Ethanol)
NE Exporter (Gas)
NE Importer (Aircraft)
NE Importer (Biodiesel)
NE Importer (Diesel)
NE Importer (Ethanol)
NE Importer (Gas)
NE Motor Fuels Retailer
NE Producer (Aircraft)
NE Producer (Biodiesel)
NE Producer (Diesel)
NE Producer (Ethanol)
NE Producer (Gas)
NE Supplier (Aircraft)
NE Supplier (Biodiesel)
NE Supplier (Diesel)
NE Supplier (Ethanol)
NE Supplier (Gas)
NE Wholesaler (Aircraft)
NE Wholesaler (Biodiesel)
NE Wholesaler (Diesel)
NE Wholesaler (Ethanol)
NE Wholesaler (Gas)
NH Alternative Fuels Dealer
NH Biodiesel Distributor
NH Motor Fuel Distributor
NH Transporter
NJ Consumer MF Distributor
NJ Consumer MF Retailer
NJ Distributor (AV Fuel)
NJ Distributor (Blend)
NJ Distributor (Export)
NJ Distributor (Import)
NJ Elective Supplier
NJ Gross Receipts Direct Pay
NJ MF Distributor
NJ MF Retail Dealer
NJ Qualified MF Distributor
NJ Retail Dealer (AV Fuel Dealer)
NJ Retail Dealer (Gas Diesel Kero)
NJ Retail Dealer (LPG Dealer)
NJ Retail Dealer (U.V.B.P.)
NJ Supplier
NJ Terminal Operator
NM Gasoline Distributor
NM Registered Indian Distributor
NM Special Fuel Supplier
NV Supplier
NY Aviation Gas Retail
NY Commercial Aviation Fuel Business
NY Diesel Fuel Distributor
NY Dyed Diesel – Direct Pay Permit
NY Importing Transporter
NY Kero-Jet Distributor Only
NY Liquid Propane
NY MCTD Motor Fuel Wholesaler
NY Motor Fuel Distributor
NY Natural Gas
NY Preliminary Certification for Diesel
NY Preliminary Certification for Motor Fuel
NY Residual Products Business
NY Retailer Non-Highway Diesel Only
NY Terminal Operator
NY Utilities
OH Aviation
OH Dealer
OH Retailer
OK 3 Day Permit Voucher
OK Bonded Importer
OK Compressed Natural Gas Consumer
OK Compressed Natural Gas Retailer
OK Compressed Natural Gas Wholesaler
OK Eligible Purchaser
OK Exporter
OK Fuel Blender
OK Liquefied Natural Gas Consumer
OK Liquefied Natural Gas Retailer
OK Liquefied Natural Gas Wholesaler
OK Occasional Importer
OK Producer Biodiesel
OK Producer-Ethyl Ethanol
OK Retailer
OK Special Fuel
OK Supplier
OK Tankwagon
OK Terminal Operator
OK Transporter
OK Underground Storage
OK Wholesaler
OR Biodiesel / Ethanol Producer
OR Bulk Distributor
OR Carrier
OR Motor Vehicle and Aircraft Fuel Dealer
OR Terminal Operator
OR Use Fuel Seller
OR Use Fuel User
PA Class 1 – Refiner/Wholesaler of Liquid Fuels and Fuels
PA Class 2a – Wholesaler of Liquid Fuels (Gasoline or Gasohol Only)
PA Class 2b – Wholesaler of Liquid Fuels (Jet or Aviation Gasoline Only)
PA Class 3 – Wholesaler of Fuels (Diesel and Kerosene Only)
PA Class 3S – Large Off-Highway User of Undyed Diesel or Undyded Kerosene
PA Class 4 – Importer of Liquid Fuels or Fuels
PA Class 5 – Exporter of Liquid Fuels or Fuels
PA Class 6 – Kerosene Dealer
PA Class 6a – Kerosene Dealer
PA Class 7 – Alternative Fuels Dealer
PA Fuel Transporter
RI Distributor
RI Exporter
RI Licensed Fuel Delivery
SC Bonded Importer
SC Eligible Purchaser
SC Fuel Vendor
SC Licensed Supplier
SC Occasional Importer
SD Biodiesel Producer
SD Blender
SD Bulk Plant Operator
SD CNG Vendor
SD Ethanol Broker
SD Ethanol Producer
SD Highway Contractor
SD Importer/Exporter
SD Liquid Natural Gas
SD LPG Vendor
SD Marketer
SD Supplier
SD Terminal Operator
SD Transporter
SD Tribal Marketer
TN Blender License
TN Bonded Importer
TN CNG-Compressed Natural
TN Compressed Natural Gas
TN Dyed Fuel Retailer
TN Exporter
TN Fuel Alcohol
TN Governmental Exemption
TN Licensed Supplier
TN Limited User
TN Liquefied Gas Dealer
TN Liquefied Gas User
TN Permissive Supplier
TN Prepaid User
TN Restricted Importer
TN Terminal Operator
TN Transporter License
TN Wholesaler
TX Aviation Fuel Dealer
TX Common Carrier
TX Diesel Fuel Blender
TX Diesel Fuel Distributor
TX Diesel Fuel Exporter
TX Diesel Fuel Importer
TX Diesel Fuel Permissive Supplier
TX Diesel Fuel Supplier
TX Dyed Diesel Fuel Bonded User
TX Gasoline Distributor
TX Gasoline Exporter
TX Gasoline Importer
TX Gasoline Permissive Supplier
TX Gasoline Supplier
TX Interstate Trucker (Diesel Fuel)
TX Interstate Trucker (Gasoline)
TX Interstate Trucker (Liquified Gas)
UT Aviation Fuel Distributor
UT Environmental Assurance Fee
UT Motor Fuel Distributor
UT Refinery Rack or Terminal
UT Special Fuel Supplier
VA Aviation Consumer
VA Blender
VA Bonded Importer
VA Bulk User of Alternative Fuel
VA Bulk User of Undyed Diesel
VA Distributor
VA Elective Supplier
VA Exporter
VA Fuel Alcohol Provider
VA Motor Fuel Transporter
VA Occasional Importer
VA Permissive Supplier
VA Provider of Alternative Fuel
VA Provider of Undyed Diesel
VA Refiner
VA Retailer of Alternative Fuel
VA Retailer of Undyed Diesel
VA Supplier
VA Terminal Operator
VT Diesel Dealer/Distributor
VT Distributor of Motor Fuel
VT Fuel Dealer – Coal
VT Fuel Dealer – Electric
VT Fuel Dealer – Kerosene
VT Fuel Dealer – Natural Gas
VT Fuel Dealer – Oil
VT Fuel Dealer – Propane
WA Aircraft
WA Aircraft Bulk Fuel User
WA Blender
WA Carrier
WA Distributor
WA Dyed Diesel User
WA Supplier
WA Terminal
WI *N/A (No State imposed adherence required)
WV Blender
WV Distributor
WV Exporter
WV Importer
WV Permissive Supplier
WV Supplier
WV Terminal Operator
WV Transporter
WY Dealer/Retailer
WY Distributor Only
WY Distributor Only with Retail Locations
WY Distributor/Importer/Exporter
WY Distributor/Importer/exporter with Retail Locations
WY Exporter Only
WY Natural Gas
WY Supplier
WY Supplier with Retail Locations
WY Terminal
Available Jurisdictions
North Carolina
North Dakota
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

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